Thank you for visiting the Why Eye Photography website. Based in North East England, Why Eye Photography offers a range of professional photography services.

Why Eye Photography

Stuart Forster established Why Eye Photography in 2008 with the aim of offering high-quality photography for individual clients and corporate organisations.

A photographer from North East England

Please get in touch if you’re looking for a photographer who can offer any of the following specialisms:

  • Event photography
  • Food photography
  • Portrait photography
  • Travel photography

Professional photography

Need a professional photographer for an event in Newcastle upon Tyne, Durham, Gateshead, Sunderland or the surrounding region? Please get in touch to discuss details of your project.

As someone who loves travelling, Stuart is willing to embrace travel to undertake projects for clients further afield — both in the United Kingdom and beyond.

Stuart has experience of:

  • working to strict deadlines on projects for commissioning editors from magazines, publishing houses and newspapers
  • collaborating with PR companies and destination management organisations to come up with creative ideas and deliver photography
  • working independently on projects
  • photographing for businesses and individuals

Photojournalism and documentary photography

As an experienced photojournalist taking documentary photographs of unfolding news stories, Stuart  may be the perfect pro if you’re seeking coverage of an event.

North East England press photography

Stuart has had photographs published in national newspapers, international publications and glossy magazines. You’ve come to the right place if you want to commission a photographer based in North East England who can work to a brief or independently.

He is a member of the National Union of Journalist’s freelance photographers’ branch.

Professional PR photography

We create strong, professional images. Additionally, Stuart has experience of working with picture editors, PR teams and models to create memorable photographs.

We can edit and transfer images to you quickly. Stuart has previously submitted images to London-based Rex Features (Rex by Shutterstock) for use in international media.

Commercial photography

Own a company and need images to promote your business? Please get in touch to work with Why Eye Photography. Stuart is to tailor a shoot to your wishes and needs.

Call or email to discuss the creative brief or outline the imagery you want or need.

Travel photography

Stuart Forster is an experienced travel photographer. His images have been selected for the pages of some of the world’s leading magazines.

Photography for magazines, newspapers and websites

Stuart’s work has been published in magazines including National Geographic Traveller and Wanderlust.

His photos have been printed in national newspapers in the UK, including The Guardian and The Daily Mail. Internationally, they have appeared in titles such as The Washington Post and South China Morning Post. They have also been published online by the likes of Rough Guides, Culture Trip and news networks including CNN.

Stuart is a member of professional organisations, including the National Union of Journalists and the British Guild of Travel Writers.

Bespoke projects and photography commissions

Stuart would love an opportunity to discuss your photography needs.

If you’re looking to commission a photography shoot, please talk to Stuart about your requirements by calling 07947 587136.

He’d be happy to discuss what you want, by when you require the images, how best to fulfill your wishes and provide you with a quote for the work. You can also make contact via this website.

Please take a look at the photography galleries on this website in order to view examples of Stuart’s work as a food photographer, a portrait photographer and a travel photographer. You can also see photography in posts on the Why Eye Photography blog.

Fluent German speaker

Stuart speaks fluent German, so if you’re looking for a German-speaking photographer to work on a project, please get in touch.

Photography by Stuart Forster

Stuart enjoys expressing himself through photography. He believes photography can be used to inform and lead to a greater understanding of the world. Images can prompt people to question what is happening around them and in distant lands, engendering interest in places, people and cultures.

He frequently travels to research stories, aiming to capture the spirit of places and events. His passions include trying local cuisine, exploring history as well as experiencing the culture and contemporary attractions of destinations.

You can see further examples of Stuart’s photography on the following photography websites:

You can also view more of Stuart’s work on his travel and food blog, Go Eat Do.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to ask questions or commission a professional photography shoot.

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